Beginners Piano Lessons

Hiya, welcome to my blog all about beginners piano lessons. I’ve only been playing the piano for about a year now, but I love it. This is why I wanted to write about learning to play the piano. Because it’s so much fun and you don’t have to feel intimidated by it. Well, I actually started off looking for keyboard piano lessons for beginners because I don’t actually have a piano. I have a keyboard, but it’s full sized and sounds excellent. Plus it doesn’t take up much space.

My grandmother had a piano but when she left us about 2 years ago, it was sold in the estate. That’s why I started learning how to play piano, so that I’d be reminded of her. I used to love seeing her play the church organ and sing at church. So I figured that the best way to remember her was to learn how to play her favorite piano songs. I was intimidated at first, I guess that’s why it took me so long to start. Other than my grandmother, nobody in my family has a musical bone in their body. Though in the last 6 months my dad has started to play too, because he wanted to learn how to play Kenny Rogers’ songs!

Well, I saved up for a keyboard and then when I was 19 I started looking for beginners piano lessons online. YouTube had a bunch, but it was hard to find the right ones I needed and having to search through all the stuff out there was so difficult and took so much time. It was horrible. This was about a year ago and I almost gave up looking for online piano lessons for beginners.

But then I came across this awesome course that makes it so easy to learn how to play piano. The lessons are spaced out over a full year, although you can access any of them at any time. It’s just to handy to have all the piano lessons in one place. And the great thing is that these beginners piano lessons really do take you from the beginning to learning some fun and relevant songs quickly. Within my first month I was playing Pink’s “Dear Diary”. Now I’m playing Alicia Keys and a whole bunch of other great songs.

Now I wouldn’t get to play with the philharmonic orchestra, but that’s not what I want anyway. I just wanted to learn some of my grandmother’s favorite songs. And the great thing is I’ve come so much further than that. And I love playing those old songs that my grandmother used to sing. I played some for my mom’s birthday recently and she burst into tears. Happy tears. My dad was really proud of me and that’s why he wanted to start taking beginners piano lessons.

He’s just finished learning “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. He’s been playing for several months now and he’s always stealing my keyboard to learn the next Kenny Rogers’ song he likes! So don’t be intimidated, if my dad can take piano lessons for beginners and come a long way in such a short time, I figure anyone can.

But it’s important that you choose the right beginners piano lessons for you. I’m partial to the course I found, because it works so well. And it makes it so much fun. And remember, you don’t actually need a piano, you can use a keyboard like I do.

How to Play Viva La Vida on Piano

If you are among the 90s babies, you certainly have heard of the songs by Coldplay!

Coldplay is an internationally known British rock band that immensely promoted alternative rock music. The band is the brainchild of Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland during their college years in University College London in 1996. They first named their band Starfish. It was only in 1998 when they settled for the band name Coldplay and four band members (Guy Berryman for bass guitar and backing vocals, Jonny Buckland as lead guitarist and for backing vocals, Will Champion for drums, percussion, and backing vocals, and Chris Martin for lead vocals, keyboards, and guitar). In May 1998, Coldplay recorded their first public release Safety that has three sample tracks intended as demo tracks for record companies.

Although Coldplay had released three public records between 1998 and 1999, it was only in 2000 when their first debut album under a record label was released in the United Kingdom. Following the success of the UK lead single “Shiver” was the band and album’s wide-reaching fame when “Yellow” was released as the lead single in the United States. Soon after, the Coldplay sensation reached all parts of the world and still at present continuous to create and share their passion in music.

I am among the millions of Coldplay fans who religiously collect their entire album releases and just like the others, one of my favorite Coldplay songs is the 2008 studio album release Viva La Vida. The second I had synced the song into my iPod, I would listen to it every morning. It routinely set my mood in good vibes. I love the tune, I love the meaning of the song, and I love everything about Viva La Vida! I know a lot of those who belong to the 90s generation love the song as well. In fact, Viva La Vida had won at the 51st Grammy Awards in 2009 as the Grammy Award for Song of the Year. I independently studied how to play Viva La Vida on piano, so if you are also interested and you have a background in piano playing by reading piano sheets, there are hundreds of download sites for piano sheets that are available in the Internet. Some requires payment while some don’t, but I always recommend and for free downloadable and printable piano sheets. You may also watch for practical piano tutorials.